Joyfully Single
The Book

Who said you had to be married to be happy? One out of three adults in the U.S. is single, and the numbers continue to grow. Do you want to get more joy out of life? Do you want more bliss and contentment—regardless of your current relationship status? Then read this book and discover how to:
  • Do the “BIG 5” and become more joyfully alive!
  • Regain hope and enthusiasm even when your life takes a nose dive.
  • Assess and increase your current levels of physical, mental, spiritual, and relationship joy.
  • Create your own “PMP” to attract and keep the personal and professional relationships you want.
  • Expand your “contact network” and increase your contact to friend/date ratios.
  • Sharpen your “partner picking” skills by asking the 100 “are we a good fit” questions before you commit to another long term relationship.
  • Greatly increase your chances for relationship success by doing the “Magnificent 7.”

Will Head has compiled the life enriching principles found in this book from over 30 years of research and from leading workshops on “The Art of Joyful Living” and on being “Joyfully Single.” While he was a single parent for 10 years, he also planned and organized a variety of activities for singles including singles conferences, dances, speed dating, and ski and raft trips.

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